by Richard Leon Linfield., Ph.D., with Leilani Darling. J.D.

Audiences: college instructors, staff, college parents

Educators, you can prevent college students from dropping out

Having retired recently from thirty years of college teaching, I’ve been reflecting on my experience in college classrooms.

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in helping college students. I’d like to congratulate you on this. If you’re in New Mexico, come see me, and we can talk about it over blue corn tamales.

There’s no doubt that the more college students we can keep in our schools, the better the future of the county shall be.

Find self-help that challenges you to take action.

You showed me that I can categorize and accept hard feelings about something I'd never done before. This has helped me understand and accept feelings I was fighting. Thanks so much.

This could be the basis for a very useful e-book for those making the effort to become writers. Each thought is highly relatable and very clearly expressed. This piece shows signs of having been self-edited in depth. Kudos!

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And how I expanded from my serving the students in my classes to my serving students nationwide

By Richard Leon Linfield, Ph.D., with Leilani Darling, J.D.

I was teaching six classes of about 30 students each, and I was angry. I had a problem. How could I reach students individually to help them learn adequately, not just listen to my lectures?

My personal values as a teacher are to encourage students in every way to help them succeed. This includes appreciating them for who they are and what they do.

My wife Leilani Darling (Leilani-8549) is a spiritual self-help counselor…

In solitude, we are who we really are. We cannot pose or act. We're not reactive to others. Alone, I can find out what sort of selves I have within.

"Anything can be imbued with a sense of holiness." That gives me a good feeling. "You should pray for the same reasons you read or the reasons you have long conversations with good friends: to discover, to love, and to grow." I see God not as a person but as Divine Goodness and Universal Joy. Not an entity but a quality existing within me.

Great stuff, Kelly. I especially liked the succinct directions on two ways to publish a story.

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Parents can help, but don’t overdo it

By Richard Leon Linfield, Ph.D., with Leilani Darling, J.D.

By Richard Leon Linfield, Ph.D., with Leilani Darling, J.D.

Tags: This happened to me, ideas, college students, college expenses, college parents

As a professor, I’ve counseled hundreds of college students and their parents. I’ve seen parents help their college students achieve self-responsibility in a wonderful variety of ways. I’ve also seen parents do things that didn’t help much — in fact, some parents’ efforts got in the way of their students’ education. I’m writing this article to share what’s likely to work and what’s likely to be less effective.

This article deals with college expenses and financial assistance; helping students find part-time employment; communicating well with your students about…

Your comments go deep and portray a set of personality traits that enable power-seekers and disenfranchise the youth. I'm glad you pointed out some solutions, and illustrations of boundary-setting. This reminds me of John Bradshaw's and Anne Wilson Schaef's work on co-dependency. Thank you for giving your energy to ameliorating this syndrome.

Richard Leon Linfield

Dr. Linfield taught college English and philosophy for thirty years. He lives with spiritual self-help writer Leilani Darling in the rural wilds of New Mexico.

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